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Since 2016, Series Q has been the ultimate gathering place for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and creators just like you.

From high-growth tech startups to small local businesses, we've spent the last 7 years building a community of over 1,450 members committed to inclusivity, creativity, and business acumen.

Your monthly contribution helps us curate even more fantastic events, both in London and online, fostering valuable connections within the community.

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Why Your Contribution Matters

Series Q is a volunteer-run organisation committed to supporting LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and creators in the UK.

Your monthly contribution directly enables us to host meaningful events in London and online, advocate for LGBTQ+ issues in the workplace and offer networking opportunities to smaller startups that lack internal LGBTQ+ groups.

Series Q comprises fellow entrepreneurs who volunteer our time at Series Q in addition to our full-time day jobs. None of us draw a salary or funds from Series Q; 100% of your contribution goes to funding our community-driven events.

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Our Mission

To empower LGBTQ entrepreneurs and their colleagues, wherever they sit within the startup ecosytem.

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Our Story - Creatively X Webflow Template
Our Story - Creatively X Webflow Template

What drives Series Q?



being active and open, so people entering the startup world can be confident as their authentic selves



facilitating introductions both in-person and online



creating quality content that celebrates success

Our Partners

We're grateful for the support of our community and corporate partners.