Join a Quest group for three months of peer mentoring, accountability, and learning.



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Nov 2022
Jan 2023


As entrepreneurs and creators, we constantly re-invent ourselves and our offerings. No day is quite like the last and each new project brings with it new challenges, new skills to learn, and new concepts to grasp. It can be hard to know what to do next, and it’s easy to start second-guessing decisions or ideas, especially when we don’t have peers to sense-check our ideas with.


What is it about?

Introducing Quests

Rather than trying to solve all your problems by yourself, Quests by SeriesQ are a container where you share your ideas with peers who are working on similar challenges. For three months at a time, you get to share your ideas and questions with a small group of entrepreneurs and creators on a similar journey.

Say you’re struggling to find traction marketing your latest project, join a marketing Quest and exchange ideas, sense-check with peers, and share stories and advice. If you’re growing your team and are recruiting, you might join a hiring or management Quest. You get the idea.

Quests are peer-mentoring containers, you commit to showing up for each other for three months at a time, every other week. So 6 calls of 55 minutes each. We’ll help coordinate the logistics and give you discussion prompts to get you started, but the space is yours to take.

We’re now planning for our inaugural Quest groups starting in September, after the summer break. So if you want to hit the ground running this fall, sign up and let us know what you’re working on.

Not sure if joining a Quest is for you? Here are our Quest FAQs:

Quests are:

  • Small peer-mentoring containers (4-6 people)
  • A time-boxed commitment: 6 calls of 55min over 3 months
  • A safe space to ask questions, say “I don’t know”
  • Great for accountability
  • For the beginner and the pros
  • A way to connect with queer entrepreneurs on a similar path

Quests are NOT:

  • an online course - we’ll coordinate the time slot for your quest group and give you an outline for each call, but it’s your space to make.
  • a catch-up over coffee - while you should bring your favorite beverage to the call and we encourage a friendly, informal tone, it’s about learning from and with each other. Keep the banter to a minimum or schedule another call to get the gossip.
  • A calendar invite you keep as “maybe” - We expect you to fully commit to the 6 calls and show up for your peers and yourself.

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