Annual Retreat

Join our Annual Retreat with a group of fellow entrepreneurs to take a step back and dive deeper

Annual Retreat


run date
Jun 2023
Jun 2023


Our Series Q Annual Retreat helps founders and entrepreneurs to take a step back, dive deeper into key topics and challenges, and forge deeper longer-lasting connections with people who share a similar journey.

Together with a small group of fellow founders and entrepreneurs, our Annual Retreat takes place over a weekend in a natural setting, away from the noise and distractions of everyday life. It contains a mixture of community-building activities and work sessions that go deeper on a series of common challenges and topics, whether it’s authentic leadership, finding the right talent, refining your business pitch or building a network. 

The Annual Retreat will help you reimagine and rethink your business, and leave you refreshed and reconnected.

Annual Retreat
Annual Retreat

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